• The StormCell is a smart engineered system designed for stormwater detention, to reduce weight and preload or to effectively fill a void.

    The StormCell system offers a flexible design whilst being lightweight and high load-bearing. The system has minimal componentry for rapid assembly on-site and offers a high void ratio enabling the best utilisation of space on your site.

    • Smart Engineered Design
    • Quic and easy to install
    • Saves TIME and MONEY

    The Stormcell system provides stormwater detention when installed in commercial, residential and vehicle-driving areas. Vehicular options are available for creating trafficable areas, and modules are stackable which ensures economical transportation and on-site storage.

    The system is simple and clever, designed for quick and easy installation. As it is very portable, it can be carried in to hard-to-reach places, allowing for installation in difficult situations.

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