Protecto Wall

Protecto Wall is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane system which prevents water penetration through below ground walls. Protecto Wall consists of a tough fabric reinforcement laminated between two layers of aggressive adhesive membrane. Protecto Wall is tacky on both sides of the membrane providing adhesion to the substrate and an adhesive face to hold the ProDrain 8 protection board in place. Protecto Wall is used in conjunction with Protecto Wrap Detail Tape, JS160 H Mastic and Protecto Wrap Primer. It will adhere to concrete, timber, steel, polystyrene and fibre cement sheeting to provide a durable water vapour barrier.

Features & Benefits

  • Nationwide certified installer network
  • Branz Appraised damp proof membrane system appraisal # 517 (2013)
  • 50-year durability warranty
  • Clean, tidy and efficient installation
  • Sheet membrane system for optimum waterproofing security
  • Even thickness and coverage across wall surface


Pro-Drain 8

Pro-Drain 8 is a dimpled High Density Polyethylene sheet developed specifically for below ground waterproofing protection. The sheet thickness is 0.6 mm with a dimple height of 8mm. Pro-Drain 8 is available in 2.1 x 1.2m (2.52m²) sheets.

Features & Benefits

  • Pro-Drain 8 keeps water from reaching the wall surface and creates a neutral pressure zone between the foundation wall and subsoil.
  • Compressive strength of up to 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
  • Non-polluting to drinking water
  • Provides ventilation over the wall surface and additional thermal insulation
  • Extremely durable, rot-proof and impervious to root penetration.
  • Fast and easy to install and will conform to curved walls.


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