Pro-Drain 8 Drainage Board

  • Pro-Drain 8 is a dimpled High Density Polyethylene sheet developed specifically for below ground waterproofing protection. The sheet thickness is 0.6 mm with a dimple height of 8mm. Pro-Drain 8 is available in 2.1 x 1.2m (2.52m²) sheets.

    Features & Benefits

    • Pro-Drain 8 keeps water from reaching the wall surface and creates a neutral pressure zone between the foundation wall and subsoil.
    • Compressive strength of up to 250 kN/m² (25 t/m²)
    • Non-polluting to drinking water
    • Provides ventilation over the wall surface and additional thermal insulation
    • Extremely durable, rot-proof and impervious to root penetration.
    • Fast and easy to install and will conform to curved walls.
  • Pro-Drain 8 Drainage Board


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