Marshall Weatherization System

  • The Marshall Weatherization System is used behind wall claddings to form a secondary weather resistant barrier for timber and steel framed buildings.

    • The HYDRA Roof Underlay is fitted over the roof framing members.
    • HYDRA Wall or TEKTON Wall Underlay is fixed directly to the outside of the framing. The Wall Underlay over the openings is then cut and fixed to the inside face of the framing.
    • Tekton SEAM TAPE is applied over the seams and Protecto Wrap, Super-Stick or the ProtectoSill System is installed around the joinery openings.
    • TRADE-SEAL’s are fitted over pipe and conduit penetrations through the building envelope to provide an air and moisture seal.
    • A system that combines a range of respected products to form a secure construction envelope.
    • Highly compatible product integration.
    • Fully BRANZ appraised weatherization system
    • UV and weather exposure for up to 60 days.
    • Superior strength, water holdout and flexibility with ease of installation.
    • Meets and exceeds the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Clause B2 Durability and Clause E2 External Moisture.

  • Marshall Weatherization System


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