• Suitable for grooved dimensionally stable timber & composite decking.

    The T-Stick base raises the decking by 9.0mm creating separation between the decking and sub-structure & increasing air ventilation.

    Once the boards are located the clamping plate fits into the grooved timber and is screw fixed into the deck substructure.

    Quick and easy installation with no visible fixings.

    Use starter clips for any boards that need to be secured to the perimeter

    The Twin System Clip is located on the EVO sub-structure. The grooved decking boards are fitted in placed then secured with a stainless steel clamping plate which is screw fixed to the EVO profile.

    Make sure that your cordless screwdriver’s torque is set correctly so that you never over-tighten the screws

    *Supplied with a drilling screw, which is suitable for wooden and aluminium substructures with a thickness of up to 3 mm.

  • Stainless steel plateMaterialEAN
    A2Hard plastic4251314719492
  • T-Stick
  • T-Stick
  • T-Stick
  • T-Stick


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