Paneltwistec Construction Screws

  • Available in 2 Head Types - Countersunk & Button Head

    Paneltwistec Screws are made of blue galvanised and hardened carbon steel is a wooden construction screw with a special screw tip and milling ribs above the thread. The screw is available in two versions, one with a countersunk head and one with a flange button head. The AG screw tip‘s special geometry reduces the torque needed to drive it in and minimises the risk of the timber splitting
    Paneltwistec Screws are also available in A2 & A4 Hardened Stainless Steel and T1000 Special Coated Screws for Treated Timber.

    Paneltwistec AG Hardened Stainless Steel
    Field of application for hardened stainless-steel screws:

    • This steel combines the best properties of carbon steels and stainless steels. It is partially rust-resistant like an A2, but with the high mechanical values of a galvanised steel. Hardened stainless steel is not acid-resistant.
    • Hardened stainless steel can be magnetised
    • The screw is suitable for use in timber–timber joints in outdoor installations and is used in garden, facade and balcony construction

    Size Ranges
    Paneltwistec Blue Galvanized Screws

    • 3.5mm Length 30mm to 50mm
    • 4mm Length 40mm to 80mm
    • 4.5mm Length 40mm to 80mm
    • 5mm Length 40mm to 120mm
    • 6mm Length 60mm to 300mm
    • 8mm Length 80mm to 600mm
    • 10mm Length 100mm to 600mm

    Paneltwistec A2 Stainless Screws

    • 8mm Length 80mm to 400mm

    Paneltwistec A4 Stainless Screws

    • 4mm Length 25mm to 80mm
    • 4.5mm Length 45mm to 80mm
    • 5mm Length 40mm to 100mm
    • 6mm Length 60mm to 120mm
    • 8mm Length 80mm to 400mm

    Paneltwistec T1000 Specially Coated Screws

    • 3mm Length 12mm to 40mm
    • 3.5mm Length 12mm to 50mm
    • 4mm Length 16mm to 80mm
    • 4.5mm Length 16mm to 100mm
    • 5mm Length 25mm to 120mm
    • 6mm Length 40mm to 220mm
    • 8mm Length 60mm to 400mm *(Button Head Only)
    • 10mm Length 60mm to 240mm *(Button Head Only)
  • Paneltwistec Construction Screws
  • Paneltwistec Construction Screws


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