One Piece Sill Tape

  • Protecto Wrap One Piece Sill Tape has been developed as a secondary water ingress protection system for 100mm (nominal) deep window and door openings in timber and steel framed buildings. One Piece Sill Tape is a polyethylene faced, modified SBS rubberized asphalt ,self-adhesive membrane. The tape is covered on the underside by a paper backing and the upper face by white polyethylene sheeting in two parts, printed with Protecto Wrap. The tape is 1.0mm thick and is supplied in rolls 150mm wide and 20m long.

    Features & Benefits
    • No Wastage - can be overlapped by 100mm to join to another roll
    • BRANZ appraised
    • Meets the and exceeds the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.
  • One Piece Sill Tape


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