Maxi-Butyl Flashing Tape

  • MAXI-BUTYL FLASHING TAPE offers exceptional performance and protection for exterior flashing installations, joinery openings, and various rigid air barriers.

    Its durable and flexible nature ensures seamless protection against moisture, both during construction and once the cladding is in place.

    With a requirement for just a single layer for sills and a split release liner for easy installation, MAXI-BUTYL FLASHING TAPE provides a hassle-free solution. It boasts a 180-day UV exposure capability and is composed of 100% Butyl for optimal adhesion.

    Features & Benefits
    • Available in three sizes 75mm – 150mm – 200mm
    • Only one layer required
    • Easy to install with split release liner
    • No VOCs; won’t interact with most sealants
    • Performs over a broad temperature range
    • 180 day UV Exposure
    • 100% Butyl for maximum adhesion
  • Maxi-Butyl Flashing Tape
  • Maxi-Butyl Flashing Tape


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