• HYDRA Wall Underlay
  • HYDRA Wall Underlay
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HYDRA Wall Underlay is an absorbent, breathable, fire retardant, flexible wall underlay used behind all wall cladding. Suitable with absorbent and non-absorbent claddings in both direct and non-direct fixing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Is an absorbent synthetic underlay
  • Is a breathable type underlay
  • Flammability index rating of ≤5
  • Can be left exposed for 60 days
  • Suitable in all wind zones including extra high when used with Rigid Air Barriers
  • Can be used with no internal wall linings ie: attic spaces.
  • Used for residential & commercial applications
  • Suitable on timber and steel framing
  • Meets provisions of NZBC: B2, E2 & F2
  • BRANZ Appraised # 1072 (2019)


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