• DiLo Aluminium Function Strip
  • DiLo Aluminium Function Strip
  • DiLo Aluminium Function Strip
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The DiLo Aluminum Channel provides a simple means of constructing small deck areas with an aluminium substructure. Suitable for low assembly heights with concealed fastenings.

The DiLo Aluminium profiles remain structurally sound and are extremely weather resistant.

Self-adhesive cork inserts are available which fit into the DiLo channel, providing sound dampening.

Procedure for hidden fastening of deck boards to DiLo aluminium function strips.


  1. Cut the DiLo aluminium function strips and deck boards to the lengths you require.
  2. Lay the cut boards down so that the underside is facing upwards.
  3. Align the boards with a uniform joint spacing on a level subsurface. Use the Eurotec spacer for this.
  4. Lay the DiLo aluminium function strips backwards onto the boards (at least two DiLo aluminium function strips per element).
  5. Fasten each strip in place by screwing two DiLo drilling screws (Ø5x28.5; Ø5x33.5 or Ø5x38.5 mm) into the board for each intersection point (of board and substructure) through the prepared drill holes in the strip.
  6. Stick the cork pads into the DiLo aluminium function strip so that almost the entire surface is used for support.
  7. Finally, just turn the finished element over and position it. Done.


* Cork pads are not included with this product.



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