Bracket - T-Profile

  • For hidden aluminium connections
    Eurotec’s T-profile is a hidden aluminium wood connector for use both indoors and outdoors. Suitable in terms of geometry for right-angled and inclined connections of individual beams in wood / wood and wood / concrete applications. Can be combined with our rod dowel, which is screwed in through the T-profile as part of a selfdrilling process.

    • Material: High-quality aluminium
    • Available in a length of 2.00 m
    • Measurement scale for individual profile cutting on the construction site

    Instructions for use

    1. No need for pre-drilling with the self-drilling EST rod dowel (Ø 7.5)
    2. Hole pattern for the 5.0 x 50 mm angle-bracket screw
    3. Rock concrete screw (Ø 7.5) for the wood / concrete joint
  • Bracket - T-Profile


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