• Adjustable Pro XXS
  • Adjustable Pro XXS
  • Adjustable Pro XXS
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The PROXXS is ideal for low height assembly with an adjustable height range from 10 -15mm. Suitable for falls ≤ 3º. The PROXXS height range can be increased in 5mm increments with the use of up to two XXS Extension plates. The effective height range with the use of the XXS Extension Plates is from 10 – 25mm.

The PROXXS is supplied with two types of adapters.

  • ‘L’ Adapter – for classic timber substructures or modern aluminium substructures
  • Stone Adapters – for structural tiles or pavers



  • high load-bearing capacity of 4.0 kN/pedestal
  • base assembly heights of 10mm – 168 mm
  • height can be increased with extension ring or extension plate
  • quick and easy assembly
  • stepless height adjustment
  • resistant to weather, exposure to UV, insects and rot


Please note that the adapters for the XXS are supplied with the pedestal and are specific to the XXS pedestals.



Construction height Load capacity (kN)PUEAN
1.0 – 1.5 cm4.0504251314728517

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