• SL PRO M
  • SL PRO M
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The SL PRO L is ideal where the fall exceeds 3º.

The SL range has self-levelling heads that can accommodate slopes of up to 8%.

The SL PRO series adjustable pedestals are suitable for timber decks and stone patios with various assembly heights.

The SL PRO M has 3 different adapter options


  • ‘L’ Adapter – for classic timber substructures or modern aluminium substructures
  • Stone Adapters – for structural tiles or pavers
  • Click adapter – for clicking Eurotec aluminium profiles into place in a time-saving manner


The adjustable feet PRO can be quickly and easily adapted to your individual needs and circumstances on site.



  • high load-bearing capacity of 8.0 kN/pedestal
  • height can be increased with extension ring or extension plate
  • quick and easy assembly
  • stepless height adjustment
  • resistant to weather, exposure to UV, insects and rot



Construction height Load capacity (kN)PUEAN
7.3 - 10.2 cm8.0104251314726001

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