Sawtec Construction Screws

  • SawTec is a wood screw with special screw tip and saw teeth under the head made from hardened carbon steel. The screw has a two-stage cylinder head. The special geometry of the screw tip reduces screw-in torque and also avoids splitting effect when screwing in.


    • Quicker and easier screwing in with DAG tip
    • DAG tip reduces screw-in torque
    • Lower splitting effect
    • Flat Screw Head
    • Saw teeth under the head reduce chipping
    • TX drive prevents screws from knocking when screwed in

    Size Range Available

    Sawtec Blue Galvanised

    • 5mm Length 40mm to 120mm
    • 6mm Length 60mm to 180mm
    • 8mm Length 80mm to 600mm
    • 10mm Length 100mm to 400mm
  • Sawtec Construction Screws


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