Pro-Seal 45 Plus

  • Pro-Seal 45 Plus with its new formulation is easier & quicker to apply.
    Primers are no longer required.

    • Pro-Seal 45 Plus can be used as a temporary waterproofing tape or as a solution for leaks around the home.
    • Pro-Seal 45 Plus adhesive is a modified hybrid butyl adhered to a white aluminium facer.
    • Simply cut to size, peel off the backing paper and stick to the prepared surface.

    (surfaces must be clean and dry)

    • Use a roller to ensure adequate adhesion to the substrate
    • High tensile strength & puncture resistance.

    75mm,100mm, 150mm & 300mm wide x 15m rolls
    Always check substrates for compatibility.

  • Pro-Seal 45 Plus


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