DiLo Aluminium - Cork Pad

The DiLo Cork Pad is customised to suit the DiLo channel and is supplied with a self- adhesive face which adheres to the Dilo aluminium channel. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly natural product. The cork dimensions are 17mm x 90 x 28mm.

Cork: properties and advantages


  • Water-repellent (hydrophobic) and moisture-resistant
  • Chemically neutral – free of PAHs (PAHs are toxic, carcinogenic plasticisers that are found primarily in rubber compounds)
  • Does not decompose and is resistant to most acids and alkalis
  • Dampens footfall sound, is non-slip and insulates against heat, noise and vibrations
  • Resistant to rot, bacteria and germs
  • Very pressure-stable and exhibits hardly any expansion
  • Flame-resistant (fire class B2)


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