Bracket - Tension strap HH60 and HH70

  • For absorbing tensile forces and tensile and shearing forces developed for modern timber construction

    • Many different fields of application
    • For installation in wood and concrete
    • Very high shear load-bearing capacity thanks to a new fixing concept
    • Fewer connectors required

    Instructions for use
    Anchoring in wood is carried out using 5 x 120 mm countersunk-head screws at an angle of 45°. A non-positive connection is created between the screw head and draw shackle thanks to the specifically designed holes, which can also be used as screw guides. The tension strap HB70 also has 2 holes (Ø 5 mm) which are provided for a 90° screw connection. Anchoring in concrete is carried out using the holes (Ø 14 mm) provided for this purpose with our rock concrete screw or bolt anchors.
    Detailed installation instructions can be found in the corresponding product data sheets.

  • Bracket - Tension strap HH60 and HH70


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