HYDRA Roof Underlay

  • HYDRA Roof underlay is a premium Tri-laminate, Synthetic, Fire Retardant, Absorbent, Breathable, Self-Supporting Roofing Underlay. Suitable for all roof types including concrete and clay tiles, pressed metal tiles and profiled metal roofing.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Breathable, self-supporting, synthetic underlay
    • Fire retardant, flammability index of ≤5 as per AS1530
    • UV Exposure 14 days
    • 100% recyclable
    • Tri-laminate offers high strength & lightweight
    • GripSpot provides a slip resistant walking surface
    • HYDRA Breathable Barrier Layer prevents water but allows for transfer of moisture vapour
    • HYDRY Technology bottom layer is designed to absorb moisture in the roof space
    • Suitable on timber and steel frame
    • Suitable with pressed metal & masonry tiles
    • Suitable with profiled metal roofing
    • Suitable in all Wind Zones stated in NZS 3604 up to and Including, extra high
    • Forms part of the Marshall Weatherization System
    • BRANZ Appraised # 1071 (2019)

    Available in 1250mm x 20m & 1250mm x 40m

  • HYDRA Roof Underlay
  • HYDRA Roof Underlay
  • HYDRA Roof Underlay


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